04 March 2009


I know everyone have their dreams and ambitions. How many people who actually made their dreams come true? Even if they do come true, humans are never satisfy and will pursue for a new dream. That is because dreams are the only reason people stay alive. People will say they cannot die yet because there are many things they have not done. However many died because of their dreams. Some get too attached to their dream and become afraid of death.

Dreams, ambitions, hopes and expectations are triggers to make people work harder. Personally i do have dreams of my own. So many were left behind in the shadows of my past. Some are achieved but they are rather minor and insignificant compare to those i left behind. Now i still have a lot of dreams. Hoping it will come true before my last breath. I tried to live life with no regret but it seems very tough to live life that way. I put everything to make my dreams come to reality but at times it does seems very tough. Nearly gave up a few times as problems occurs much more often recently.

My life is not the same as before. I could not remember what happen before 5 years old but i can remember the when i was 5 i lived life with no worries, no regret, no fear, nothing but fun. When i reached the age of 7, its the 1st day i entered primary school. By that time i still do not know what is waiting ahead of me. I was having so much fun and life was wonderful that time. Out of suddden, my mom told me something about death and how i would survive with her death. I bursted out crying for the whole night. That event is still very clear in my mind and till today i still fears death, not mine but anyone other than me.When i was 10 i knew what it means to have trouble and when i was 11 i started having dreams.

When i reached secondary school, then again the life was fun again, with a little problems. Friends were the best company that time, doing everything together. Laughters were never ending. When form 4 i realize i m rather close to my dream. That was actually where i started working hard, maybe not hard but a little harder, for my dream. Now i am already few steps away from one of my dream but life is so difficult now. Those days during secondary school is still fresh in my mind. Those laughters i had once before were all gone. The weird thing is i start to enjoy being alone. Alone was never fun before but i guess human does change. As everyone getting matured, life becomes a little boring i guess.

07 February 2009

Back to MMU

Chinese New Year turns out quite awry for me when things doesn't seems to go according to plan. Maybe it is because i believe in the mythology of chinese folklore. However i don't plan to go any further about that. It seems that the effects of my believe did not end. Until today i am facing a lot of troubles with almost everything i do. There are definitely mistakes that are made by me and that was surely my fault which i have regretted it so badly. Besides, i have also met many adversities, things that isn't my fault at all.

The 1st misfortune that has bestowed upon me would be the change of timetable. Choo told me that there were amends in our timetable. I was not able to access the online system to get my timetable done. Till this very day online system is giving me headaches. Then during the 1st class of engineering graphics 2, the lecturer announce that the timetable has been altered. And then i saw my timetable was changed to monday night. That wasn't the end, soon the lecturer ask us to omit the group and follow the lab timetable. ARGH. This semester really giving me hell of a time. Not to mention that this semester's timetable mostly in the evening. Prefer morning classes when i can actually concentrate at least a little bit.

I think i can go on and on about things that i am not happy with but i think i should not do that as life is not always going the way we wanted it. I even contemplated suicide as a last resort but then i realize how stupid that idea was. Running away from problems is not what i use to do. I told myself that i must face problem bravely as there are no problems that can't be solved. I'll change what i can and accept what i can't change. For those who has been wondering if it is true that i live life with no regret, i would say i live my life with full of regrets. I am really hoping to live my life without any regret. Nobody is perfect and i m not perfect myself. In fact, i am way too far from perfect. I guess i am just plain lucky that i was blessed with all the people who love me so dearly.

15 January 2009

Irksome Holidays

I have recieve a request from someone to use proper english when i am updating my blog. It is rather gawky to use proper english as it would feel like i am taking an exam.
Anyway, my blog is rather dead from the effects of my apathy and sluggish nature when it comes to updating my blog. Fortunately, I am very bored during the holidays so i decided to update my blog. Everyone always wanted holidays but i am always looking foward to classes. i hope you do not get the wrong idea. I am not a geek and i hate exams. I fancy learning new stuffs and i hate boredom.
I think it is time to introduce my girlfriend. Well, we are already together for 1 month 6 days and i should say i am very lucky to get her as my partner. I would like to tell the details but i guess it would take me a few days to complete about how blessed i am to have her. Her name is Ivy Koh or rather Siew Ling. I am always one of the luckiest person on earth, blessed to have a wonderful mother and girlfriend.

This is a picture of my girlfriend.

Now, lets talk a bit about my friends. On my birthday, i asked a group of my ex-classmates, the brothers of 5SN, to join me for lunch at mp. We were wondering in the dawdling around the mall aimlessly. After all those 'tedious' walking, we decided to go home. I then asked another bunch of ex-classmates which actually consist of 2 people. We went for a drink and then they asked me to fetch them to a photo shop. I drove them there and when we reached the destination, i saw they entered a shop by the name of 'Italy Bakery'. I didn't know a bakery was actually a photo shop. They bought a cake for me actually and Doreen was telling me it is a surprise. I already knew they were going to buy a cake for me. Thanks a lot.

My present from my girlfriend. Tortoise.

The cake they bought for me. My nose ended up creamy that day.

02 January 2009


Well sorry for not updating my blog for a long time. The fact is that i m rather busy with this semester. Every week have to submit assignment. 2nd semester is really really tough. Anyway, Now i m going to update about what has happened during the week of celebrations. Haha.

1st of all, it was the christmas eve and i m having a class in the morning. Such a sad thing man. I was in a holiday mood so i didn't concentrate at all in class. LOL. After class i went to mp and get some stuffs. Was planning to get some clothes for myself but then i realize i do not have much money with me. No choice loh. Just go for window shopping only loh. Then i went to starbucks. It was the 1st time ever i drank a coffee worth 15 bucks. Hahaha. Not bad loh. Special taste. Since some1 is treatig me to it, why not? LOL. Then i was shopping till almost night. I wanted to go portugese settlement for the countdown because i was invited by Eugene. However, due to some problems, i was not able to go. So i headed home and i reached home at 10 something. I did the countdown even when i m at home alone. Well, that is in my dream.

The next celebration was Jia Xin's birthday. Well, wats amazing is her birthday falls on the 1st of January. I did not know what to get for her so i ask her to choose her own present loh. She had choose a few thing for me to buy and i have to make the final decision. It took me quite some time to decide and finally i bought her something which is not too costly but most importantly, she likes it. She choose de ma.... takkan she dun like it. Haha. Did quarrel about what to eat. LOL. I really see some unexpected result. Although i did went through a tough time but yeah, the results are very good. Then Sherling come into the story. We went to Italy bakery to get Jia Xin a cake. Then brought her to Cosmo and let her blow the cake. After that, we went to dp. There are more but i lazy to type it out la.
The birthday girl and i

Then i would like to write a little about new year loh. Well during new year eve, i was busy preparing for her birthday so i don't need to write much about it. I did not went to the countdown as well because i think the countdown is rather boring especially without friends around.

Here is a review of 2008:
-celebrated my birthday with friends
-celebrated mom's birthday
- finished my alpha year
-took mechanical engineering course
-lost a friend
-lost another friend but got her back as a friend
-celebrated 5 persons birthday on a same day
-found out that some1 is so special to me
-celebrated kx and ah pet's birthday.

My resolution for 2009
-being happy for the rest of my life
-bring happiness to people around me
-never do a thing that will cause me to regret
-get better results in academic aspect (wonder if this will happen)
-to care more about people's feelings
-be a better person for people around me.
-be a better person for my mom
-learn more chinese words.
-make more friends (very tough for me to do it)

Well, that is the end of my post. I would just hope that someone will be here with me celebrating all this celebrations. Too bad the person is not with me for these celebrations. I m thankful to all those who kept me company for my whole life. Life would have never be the same without u guys. Mom, thanks for everything u have given me. The most wonderful thing in my life is getting u as my mom. Love you.

17 December 2008

Awesome News

I dunno it is ok to write it here but i have am awesome news. This few days was like heaven to me. So happy man. I will not write it here and if u r really curious, do ask me. Hahaha. I m so willing to share.

Anyway that is enough for my happiness. Today i kena bully till teruk le. To those who bully me, u faham faham la hor. hahahaha. How can u bully me, a cute and innocent boy. Lol.

I macam 'ki siao' ad la. So boring yet so many things to do. There will be a quiz tomorrow but i havent study and yet i m blogging. Weird la. I guess i better start studying now since that subject is a subject that i m weak in. Bye.

11 December 2008


These few days damn busy man. Stupid assignments. This time the Jia Xin minat punya guy give de question like ****. So tough and so much work. Sad Sad Sad. Wanted to get a new phone but so busy. Don't even have time to go.

Haha. Kena ejek le. Wanna buy hp but dunno wat model to buy. Any1 got suggestion? Just now went to cut hair. Make me look not much of a difference. Hahaha. Just to make it easier to handle.

Anyway, i should be too busy to update my blog but i dunno y i got time to update it. Hahaha. Life is so weird. According to a friend of mine, we can get what we duwan but we cannot get what we really wanted. Best example is herself she said. FUNNY!!!

05 December 2008

Pissed Off

This 2 days is definitely the worst day of the year. I am damn pissed off at a few things. Never feel so angry before man. These things come 1 after another. I am quite happy now though. Getting over sad things must be fast. Hahaha. So i will say that all the misery ends today and i am gonna lead a great life.

Today wasn't great but it is good. i was able to see things that quite unsual. For these few days, i am seeing some special things happening around me. It is really fun seeing these unsual things. I might not be able to tell the details or i might be dead. Hahaha. To some people they already have the idea of what happened. Don't ask me the details because u will put me in a difficult situation.

Lastly, i would like to ask if u guys have any nice rock or alternative songs to introduce. I m quite bored with the same old songs. Hehehe

02 December 2008

Melaka Mall

Yesterday i went to submit the lab report and after that i went to jusco for lunch. After lunch i go for shopping since it is already sales. Walking around buying nothing had made me decided i should have go to melaka mall instead. Therefore i went to melaka mall.

It was a big mistake going there. I went in through the supermarket entrance and a giant size potato fell on the ground and roll into the fitting room. Seeing such thing happen, i go and pick up the potato and wanna put it back. When i pick it up, i realize its bottom has already break. When i wanna put it back, i got scolded by someone because she thought i m the 1 who drop the potato. The fact in the potato fell by itself and i was just picking it up and i got scolded because of that? After i explain, she scold something else. She say when i saw the potato fall, i should catch it. Now the bottom has broken and its all my fault. Weird right? I am suppose to be superman. Can catch a falling potato. Although it was only half a metres away, i should i know the potato is going to fall?

29 November 2008

Today is Terribly BORING

Haiz.. Assignments and assignments and assignments. I had done nothing for those assignments. I was playing game for almost the whole day. It has been so long since i last felt so bored and lazy. I would like to say congratulations to those who is finishing their stpm. You guys are as free as birds already while i m here stuck in sem 2. T_T.

Today is Jia Xin's bf birthday. Wonder how was the celebration. Hahaha. She was so happy that i remind her about her bf de birthday. Thanks to me only she get to remember. She was suppose to treat me to a meal and guess wat she treated me. MiMi. Hahahaha.

Today i woke up with a weird weird dream. Lets just not say what the dream is all about. I keep remembering the dream but there is a particular part which i do not remember. It kept wondering till now because it might change my course of life. Hahaha. So weird.

Really nothing to write already. Just writing this for fun. Since it is so boring, no harm wasting some time typing these.

18 November 2008


Well, a new semester has began and i m not in a mood. Something has gotten into my mind. I wonder where has all the spirits that i had this past decade gone. Gone with the years i guess. I miss the old times, i miss the company of friends, i miss the old life and i miss everything. I have become a loner and i mean LONER. I guess nobody would believe that Daryl is a loner. Haha..... But that is what i have become within 2 years. Amazing how 2 years can change a person. I might know a lot of people but all of them are just 'hi bye friends'. Kind of hard to find someone who can really 'ngam key' with me. I miss 5Sc so much especially the 5 brothers. The 6 of us always do things together since form 1. Although we do have some issues, we did solved it because deep down inside us, we know we love the company of each other. How much i love those days. Those are the best and most important memento that i will remember till the end of my life.

I am really bored now. So lonely. In MMU i only have a close friend. All this time we are together that people thought we are couple. I have been wondering if boy and girl cannot be just close friend? Anyway, enough of that. I did not update my blog for a long time because there are no special events happened within these few weeks. But because of Fish's request, i update with all these nonsenses. Hahaha. Dunno if anyone will enjoy reading these.

I see the poll that u guys voted. I do hope i have a lot of pictures to update u all. But temporary i do not have a lot of pictures. Maybe next year i will update with more pictures. Till then i do not have lots of picture because my activities are very very limited. This is the end of this post. Do update yourself about my blog from time to time.